This site is no longer maintained and will eventually have the articles rehosted. In the meantime, please visit my current portfolio, Benjamin Fox Studios.

Color lightness behaviour

Behavior that evaluates the current pixel's light value and applies it to a given property, in this case scale.

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Bezier curve behaviour

HYPE Framework Bezier behavior class | download (v0.1)

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Mayan codex kaleidoscope tool

Update to the tool to refactor code a little more and added the SetColorPool class I made at the Anderson Ranch.

The artwork in it is drawings I made from the Mayan Codex Borgia a few months ago.

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AS3 Kaleidoscope tool

Usage: Select the number of slices and hit the build button. The slice artwork is fixed so you can see how it looks with different numbers of slices. To change the artwork used, hit the new artwork button. Source files coming soon.

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Kaleidoscope with 12 slices

An update to the last test, this one has 12 slices instead of just 8.

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